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About The Human Awareness Institute

The Human Awareness Institute (HAI) was founded in 1968 by Dr. Stan Dale, Doctor of Human Sexuality.

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Since then HAI has offered workshops dealing with intimate relationships and human sexuality. Over 75,000 people have experienced HAI.

What really matters most in your life? For most people the answer is your relationships; how you interact with family, friends, lovers. Even how you treat yourself! Good communication is the key to better relationships. We believe that good communication is not something that just happens but it can be learnt. The Love, Intimacy and Sexuality workshops provide a safe, nurturing way to learn intimate communication and improve your relationships.

The Human Awareness Institute in the UK

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The Human Awareness Institute (UK) Ltd was founded in 1996 to bring these unique weekends to the UK and is now a registered charity (registration number 1128261)

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  We will be very pleased to help in any way we can.

HAI UK Office:   0845 555 1200

Email:  uk-office@hai.org


All our HAI-UK workshops are expertly led by a female and male facilitator, who are flown in from HAI USA, based in California. Here are a few words about each of them

Peter Sandhill MA Hear PeterPeter Sandhill

Peter is passionate about assisting people of all ages and backgrounds to see their own inner power, potential and real beauty.  Skilled counselor, educator and small business owner, Peter has a Master’s degree in International Management and was a university educator in Japan & Australia. He has been involved in the Men’s Movement in Australia and North America for most of his adult life. He loves being a father.

Felicia Williams Cosey PhD Hear FeliciaFelicia Williams

Dr. Williams is an insightful counselor, business consultant, and life-work coach. She has 20+ years experience helping people develop strong, supportive, lovingly effective relationships. Felicia guides individuals to find, build and live their unique lifework dream. She helps couples gain skills to fuel their love while resolving issues. As a consultant specializing in Organizational Change Management, Felicia consults with businesses to develop people-systems to match long-term strategic goals.

Peter Rengel MA Hear Peter
Peter Rengel

Peter is a gifted heart meditation teacher and counselor specializing in assisting individuals and couples to transcend psychology in order to awaken their Love and to live in harmony with Life's spiritual rhythm. He is the author of two books: Seeds of Light and Living Life in Love. Peter also facilitates his own workshops and retreats - “Being in the Now,” an eight-week class based on his second book, and “Spiritual Awakening,” an extraordinary weekend meditation retreat. With his wife, Donna, he co-leads a couples' class entitled “Becoming Better Friends and Lovers.” His greatest passion is in being, a fun dad to his son, Kavi, and a loving husband to his wife, Donna.

Anne Watts Hear Anne.
Anne Watts

Anne is an insightful, compassionate and sensitive counselor/facilitator. She leads workshops on four continents and travels extensively teaching adults to have more loving, fulfilling relationships. Anne has been leading Love, Intimacy & Sexuality Workshops for HAI since 1985. She also leads workshops on healing the inner child, financial intimacy & freedom, and the art of aging. She has a successful counseling practice in Petaluma, CA where she lives in a deeply loving relationship with her husband, Mark Kupke.

Sarah Sandhill Hear Sarah
Sarah Sandhill

A powerful workshop leader who helps people to develop a deep sense of self-love and real happiness in their life, Sarah has been leading HAI Workshops since 1994. She has also been a successful entrepreneur and small business owner and co-facilitates a women’s workshop called Journey into Body and Soul.
Sarah was trained at The Process Therapy Institute and at University of California (BSc).

Jason Weston Podcast with Jason
Jason Weston

Jason is a deeply heartfelt workshop facilitator who loves to assist individuals and couples in creating for themselves the lives they really want by guiding them to see and express their own beauty, power and love. With 30 years of practicing HAI principles in his own life, he is passionate about "creating a world where everyone wins." Jason was trained at the Process Therapy Institute, and holds a degree in philosophy from the University of California, Berkeley. Jason Weston is an internationally acclaimed fine art photographer.

Donna Spitzer MST
Donna Spitzer

Donna is a Montessori educator and Lomi body/mind practitioner. She teaches how to communicate with love and in the discovery of the richness of intimate partnership. Donna is also a talented singer and performer with a successful career in music.

Marci Graham
Marci Graham

Marci Graham is uniquely and simultaneously soft and fierce in her compassion for human beings. Her own history has given her a doorway into understanding the need for radical truth-telling and expressing one's own boundaries and power. She has a 25 year history of soul searching and personal transformation through movement, painting, writing, sculpting and bodywork. Her personal journey in Continuum Movement has created a deep understanding of the power of inquiry and that the body is essential to personal growth and self knowledge. She immersed herself in HAI beginning in 2000, quickly incorporating the mission of HAI into her deep knowledge of self. Marci creates and leads year-long intensive programs for deepening and identifying one's soul purpose. She is a former yoga instructor, and has co-led Nature Moving Women retreats in Mexico and Hawaii. Her fierce desire is for people to know and love themselves enough to awaken to their magnificence, and in so doing to love our planet back to health. Learn more about Marci at waterwisdom.us.

Our next Connecting in Love weekend will take place on:

Friday 6th April 2018 5:00pm - Sunday 8th April 6:00pm 2018

Bullocks Ley, Little Green, Burgate, Diss, Suffolk, IP22 1QE

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The fee for this workshop is £395 and includes all food and accommodation. The workshop price is £295 if you book and pay in full by two months ahead of the workshop, £345 one month ahead of the workshop and the full price of £395 within one month of the workshop. The number of places at the two lower price levels will be limited by gender to ensure the workshop covers its costs. This means that they may run out before the one and two month deadlines so please book as soon as you can. Once booked the prices are non-refundable, except for the full price, which is refundable up to one month before the workshop.
We hope the reduced prices will make it easier for those on lower incomes to sign up. So, if you think you can afford the full price, we would request that you do so, and leave the cheaper places for those who are less well off.

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